Our Ideals

We are results driven and trustworthy. We know that we have the capacity, the knowledge and the skills to remain one of the strongest and most knowledgeable Managed Services businesses globally. We want nothing more than for our customers to sing our praises, to trust us, and to have a long, loyal and honest relationship with us.

The Numata Vision:

Our vision is simple – Numata provides Results-Driven IT for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

The Numata Mission:

  • Deliver unique, specialised and tailor-made IT solutions, knowledge and skills/services
  • Provide quality knowledge and service, and best of breed products
  • Cultivate and maintain a personal relationship with our clients that is based on trust, integrity, respect and honesty
  • Speak the truth at all times
  • Work in a climate of old-fashioned manners, principles and values
  • Become a global brand that is recognised for its specialist knowledge, skills and relationships
  • To be committed, while still holding on to our own dream of being the best.

BEE & Social Responsibility

Because we at Numata are serious about both South Africa’s future, and our own, we have invested greatly in the social and economic areas of previously disadvantaged individuals. With these ongoing initiatives we emphasise our commitment to skills development and to empowering South Africa’s black economy.

This commitment has earned us a BEE rating of Level 6.

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