Managed Technology Services

Reliable IT support through Managed Services

A crucial element of using IT successfully is making sure it’s running smoothly. In today’s business environment, security threats and IT support challenges can be devastating to small businesses, creating downtime, lost data and decreased profitability.

And if you’re addressing computer, server and network issues through a break/fix contract your IT guy is making money only when your systems are down - and is not therefore proactively monitoring them. With Managed IT Services from Numata Business IT, you can end the cycle of broken technology with proactive management, monitoring and support.

With Managed IT Services from Numata you can expect:

  • Peace of mind - your systems are monitored 24/7
  • Improved performance - with IT that helps you get the job done and is backed by our guaranteed Service Level Agreement and up-to-date patch management
  • Fewer disruptions - we provide our unlimited support remotely and offer onsite support too if needed
  • Online helpdesk support - with a telephone helpline as back up in the event of a company-wide Internet failure
  • Predictable costs - a flat monthly fee covers everything and helps you eliminate the cost of in-house support
  • Less hassle using and managing technology - so you can get back to managing your business
  • Vendor management - we’ll manage your technology vendors so you don’t have to
  • Procurement plans - we’ll provide you with a standardised IT infrastructure procurement plan on leading brands and with preferential pricing.
  • Virtual CIO services - our Virtual Chief Information Office provides you with monthly executive reports and recommendations

Our proactive approach to IT is focused on preventing small problems - before they become large, expensive ones.

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